A Personal Account: The Impact that Drug and Alcohol Abuse Have on One's Life (A Cause and Effect Essay for English Comp I)

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Drugs seem to be everywhere nowadays. Everywhere I look it seems as though someone is either popping, drinking or smoking something. I often times wonder what these people are thinking the outcome of these will be once they're thirty. I know that teens are going to experiment, but they also need to know the outcome if they make habit of their weekend fun. Teens need to know that people who use and abuse drugs and alcohol are only hurting themselves as well as their loved ones in the long run.

Being eighteen myself, I know all of the pressures of drinking and drugging. I am not going to like and say that I've never had a beer or that I've never taken a hit off of a joint, but I will say that I am at least wise enough not to make it habit. Someone very close to me was not so lucky.

When my mother was a mere thirteen years old she had her first drink. A year later she smoked her first cigarette and a few months after that came the marijuana. If you were to ask my mother why she did these things she would tell you that she did them because it was the "in" thing to do. Being a cheerleader and hanging out with the most popular people in her private school it was hard to do things where she didn't conform. What my mother didn't seem to know at her naïve age was that what is popular is not always right. Not only was my motherdoing drugs and drinking alcohol, she was involved in promiscuous activities. When my mother was just sixteen years of age she became pregnant. A few weeks later she was married and nine months later on February 24th, 1986,