A Personal Anaylisis of the Original Book, Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud by Robert L. Park

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Voodoo Science

The world has changed throughout the years; our knowledge of the environment increased, our life span doubled, and we have laws that govern and rule the mysterious. The laws are accepted by the people and make sense in our lives. When the rules are broken and the experiment doesn't work, we are taking two paths, the path of foolishness and the path of fraud. This is called Voodoo Science, when people make "revolutionary" discoveries that tend to be unreal. Dr. Fludd and his water mill are an example of Voodoo Science. He believes that the water mill would have enough energy to drive a pump and grind flour when it is lifted and turned. Then the water would be pumped back to turn the wheel again. The first law of thermodynamics was found, you couldn't get more energy than you start out with. You would need the same amount of energy to pump and push the water mill and to recycle the water.

This leaves no energy left to turn the pump. The second law of thermodynamics, you can't receive the same amount of energy you started with. This law states that you cannot bounce a ball and expect it to bounce as just as high as you dropped it. Dr. Fludd did not count on the friction and heat of he machine it used energy. A backyard worker created an infinite energy machine. His name is Joseph Newman and he violates both laws by claiming that his energy machine would create more energy than it started out with. His claim invokes free energy, one of the miracles in the world. This machine abuses science, something that breaks the laws; therefore no scientist will approve or disprove the invention. Newman did not stand for this though. He gained...