Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values

There are as many individual perspectives on values as there are people on the planet. Nonetheless, there is a consistent theme that arises when examining values and beliefs. Values determine how a person or organization responds to any situation. A person with values is a person that makes the right decision for the right reason. Parents, religious leader, educators, peers and experiences contribute to the development of values. This essay will include my own personal ethics and values as well as those of The Department of Corrections of Washington State.

The basic knowledge of what is right and what is wrong make up our internal code of ethics and the best way to know what those internal guidelines are is to create a written code to follow. Many people equate values with ethical behavior. A person can have very high values, honesty, loving, and giving without having any knowledge of how to behave ethically.

As people go through life, they have different experiences that may affect values in a positive or negative manner.

Ethical behavior is an important quality for everyone, especially those who are in a leadership position. If I plan on being a leader in my career, it is important to know when to take a stand on difficult issues. I can't lead if I am irresolute or indecisive. I am not saying though, that I shouldn't be open to new arguments. Many of the most significant discussions (ethical and otherwise) have strong points on both sides, and all choices should be considered carefully. Ethics inspire trust, loyalty, and effective, meaningful relationships. If I am going to make a difference, I must set high ethical examples for others to follow. My personal code of ethics includes...