Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics


With many organizations today, the managers that are managing the companies do not use ethics as a major selling point of their company. Many people today do not think about ethics until they are the ones that have been mistreated in one way or another. Implementing a strong ethical foundation in the companies in which we are involved, will greatly help the lives of everyone involved. "Accepting responsibility is the only way to take maximum control over our lives" (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2008). If managers of the companies we work for take responsibility for their actions, and do what is ethically right, we will have a good foundation for when it is time for us to take over and be the leaders in this world.


Throughout America today the large companies that are successful with most of the things they do, have made it because they have came to the conclusion that one must be ethical when doing business. As the younger generation takes the step into management and becomes the leaders of companies they must realize that the morals and ethics that they were taught when they were a kid will come into play again when dealing with business (Boyle, 2001). Whether one is a manager of a small office or an executive in a large corporation the ethics that they use will reflect what type of person they are and ultimately what type of person they are in God's eyes. In the following paragraphs ethics and the organizations that are founded in today's world will be mentioned and it is important that each person who reads this...