Personal and Professional Goals

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Everybody designs goals in their lives, some you pursue, others you commence and something happens or you grow unenthusiastic and by no means complete. Then additional goals appear so far fetched you deem there is no feasible means that you will ever accomplish them, as a result you in no way get underway with it. This happens to many of us at different times in our lives. The only way that one will learn to set goals that they plan to accomplish is to actually start the goal and finish it. However, one must feel a purpose for setting forth to accomplish their goals. Without purpose no one will ever accomplish what they design for their future.

I myself have had many goals in my life time. First I wanted to become a teacher, on the contrary I grew out of that dream. I think each little girl at one point ponders about becoming a teacher.

Subsequently later on I sought after becoming a lawyer. I had my mind solidly settled on becoming a lawyer that was until I was in the 11th grade. I was on a school mission with a lawyer, and he informed me that since I was a woman I would not make it as a lawyer. I was really offended having someone advise me that I would never make it. It ought to have made me work harder at working toward this goal, however, instead, I just steered away from it. If it were to happen now that I am older I would have worker harder just to prove that I could do it no matter who I was. Now my goal is to be in the Health Care field. I have always wanted to help others, whether it be as a teacher, lawyer...