Personal Barriers Paper

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If somebody asked me one thing that I would like to know in the future I would definitely ask to see how I'm doing couple of years from now. Some of the long-term goals I would like to achieve are a bachelor's degree in information technology, and possibly a Cisco (CCNE) certification. I would really like to improve my networking skills, host my own website, and run my own servers instead of paying someone else the big bucks to do the work. I would also like to learn web design, so I could build a more professional website. A website that will collect information and forward it into a database. This would reduce the manpower it takes to input information, and would be a cost saving to my company. Another goal would be learning and creating better database structures to help collect and apply information more efficiently, transferring data between applications.

So far I don't have a negative self-concept and I don't believe I'll ever have it just because I always have a plan for the future.

I came in United States two years ago and I really did not have any problems with enculturation my only issue was my bad European accent. My major personal barrier is communicating with other people. Writing skills is one of my short-term goals I need to practice on. Being in a management position in the Navy requires that I have exceptional writing and speaking skills for of the benefit of the command and my subordinates. My subordinates depend on me to speak on their behalf on issues concerning their personal and professional wellbeing, also to write their evaluation in ways that will increase their prospect for advancement. The daily task of the job requires that I write memorandums and official letters for use...