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Throughout this paper I will discuss the barriers that I encounter that hinder me from completing the critical thinking process and at times make decisions that might be the wrong ones for the situation at hand. I will touch on a couple and discuss some solutions that might help me overcome this problem.

Within my personal and professional life I have to often think critically before engaging in the decision making process because some decisions may impact my life or other's life in a negative way if I do not analyze all the facts before committing to a final decision. I will start with my personal life since this is the area that will ultimately affect me and the ones I love in negative or positive ways.

While making decisions in my home I have to ensure that I evaluate all the facts before I make any type of decision or assumption about a problem.

This can be almost impossible if children are involved. The barrier here would be the lack of information from the sources. Even though it might not seem as a great deal when dealing with children it can be, in fact a big barrier when thinking critical. I say this because when dealing with children one does not often get all the facts and at times one has to go by assumptions in order to finally make a decision. Whenever my children need to go to school functions they often tell me that they have to go because the school said they had to and that will be all the information that I will receive. That is no where close to the facts that I will need in order to know if they require any additional assistance besides just getting a ride to school. The solution...