Personal Communications

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Personal communications

I often thought communication was plain talking at a very basic level. I never put any thought to the art of communication. In reading these first chapters on communication, I have opened a new world of opportunity to myself. There are actually more aspects of communication than I had previously thought or imagined. Before reading these chapters, I thought I was a decent communicator. However, since these readings I have discovered some truths about myself. I need to improve my communication efforts to be successful in my personal and professional life.

I have improvements to make in verbal communication. It seems that I commit errors in language communication. The first difficulty would be grammatical errors; I often do this in the workplace. Slang would be my next offense. This is one error that is going to take time to break, as it has been part of my life style from childhood to adulthood.

Regionalism is the third style of language communication that I perceive as a weakness. I transferred to the Kalamazoo area in April 2002 for work purposes. I am originally from the Detroit area, it is amazing how different we understand words or use them. This issue has caused problems at times in the work place

Some strengths that I have with verbal communication are differentiating between observation and inferences, and using language that is concrete. In the workplace, my position requires me to observe people everyday. In observing people, you gain knowledge about them. You may be able to tell if a person is happy or sad. For any of us to be able to perform this art, we must have experience of watching and listening. Watching is the body language of an individual, listening is actually listening to what someone is saying to you.