Personal Control over the environment.

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Good evening, every body. Today, we will talk about one of American values: Personal Control over the environment.

As what all of you did know, environment is the things around you or overall place you are in. Many people think that environment is things that destiny or god bring to. But Americans don't believe that. They believe that they can control their lives. They are responsible for taking control of what happens to them. So they control over the environment to make their lives more convenient.

Americans control environment so they can know that will happen. They will know when it's rain, when storm appear, when is the earthquake... They will know how about the weather of next day, next week, or next month... Then they can work more effectly, take more benefits or avoid bad effect to their works. Because of the environmental control, people can live more comfortable.

In the US, people consider it normal and right for humans to control nature. So Americans control environment by many ways. They build "earthquake-proof" building. They have big rivers so they build big dam to keep rivers from flooding. They don't need to worry about flood and in the other hand; they have more electricity to use. They have huge mountains so they build roads through mountains. To transport easily, they build many bridge across rivers and over seas too. When winter come, the weather is cold, they heat their houses and when it's summer, the weather is hot, they air-condition their houses. Temperature in American's houses often is most suitable for people who live in. And in agriculture, weather is one of the most important parts. Crop productivities can depend on the weather. And Americans make artificial rain when it's drought or remove unnecessary rain clouds to have the...