Personal/creative writing, TOPIC: my mother was right

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Audience: Teenagers, high school students

Purpose: To express a situation where my mother was right

Now that I think about it I realize my mother was right. It seems like a week ago that I strode away from the house, her words resounding in my ears. 'Be it on your head!' Yet it was only this morning.

I walk along the deserted road toward the tram stop. The distant rattle of a tram reaches my ears and I jog to the corner just as my tram hurtles by, completely ignoring my stop. Letting out a sigh I trudge the rest of the way to the stop. I stare blankly at my phone. Read the timetable again. Check my watch. Stare at the tram tracks. My phone beeps angrily at me. Yes. I know I'm late.

Finally a tram arrives and I collapse onto a graffiti-covered seat and stare out the window watching the shops whiz by as my mind inevitably drifts back to the stack of books on my desk at home.

Back to the exercise books which haunt me. "Ice cream and gelati bar - now open" Ice cream. My thoughts instantly turn to more important matters.

More and more people muscle their way onto the packed tram and we shuffle down the aisle in an attempt to create room. The tram's wheels creak into motion marking the beginning of an uneventful, cramped journey. A nagging thought is at the back of my mind but I push it away as the tram comes to a jarring halt at the final stop. We flood off the tram and I soon spot my friends in the midday heat and join the masses meandering their way along the street towards the enormous stage set up in front of the beach.