Personal Epitaph

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My mother's hands were the assistance I needed when I was learning to walk

They were also the stickler for a wrong action

Summer was the best to my family of six,

with acres of woods to explore and a pond in the front yard.

Most of the summer days were spent on that raged bank

It's where I caught my first fish (and my little brothers ear)

As I grew up, my new safe haven became my room.

At last a place of privacy away form the obnoxious "youngins"

My room was a luxurious palace with tranquility and PRIVACY!

But in the same spot I'd spend catching up on the gossip

I also received a broken heart from a first love.

Upon this I regressed to my childish phase

and returned to my mothers arms and she taught me once again how to "walk"

Growing older doesn't require growing completely independent or abandoning fun times.

Enjoy the good times while you can because they may end before you kno--