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The Better View

I used to think that I must think in a very strict way in order to be a good leader and captain. But what I think is not what is actually happening. At that time, I was in a robotics team for two years, and we have never made it to the final competition. It was the last year for me to be in that team, so I said this to myself: "Zoe, this time you have to try your best and be as strict as you could to make our team participate in the final game." I promised myself that I would not let anyone disappointed this time. When I was full of this confident and drawing the brightest future for our team, I had no idea what was going to be happen in the next three month.

It was right before the first competition.

I made my team mates worked 8 o'clock in the morning to 12 o'clock at night. I would not listen to anyone includes our mentors. I had to check every detail, and feared anything that is new knowledge to me because I would not let any accident happen on my plan. "Everything has to be in order", this is what I always said and yelled to my team mates. Until that day, the first competition of 2013, when I was standing in the center of the building where we would be competing, I was shocked. Everything was new to me. All of them were trying the new technologies, light sensor, sound sensor, and something I have seen but never considered to use before. I felt I was an smelly useless rock in 80's. Something I have put my faith in before was just trash. I could not even...