A personal essay about having a little sister named michelle by a female writer

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Not everyone can say they are a big sister. I on the other hand got blessed with not only being a big sister, but being one to Michelle. Michelle is my now 13 year old sister. We never really got to live with each other long because I was always moving, but there is no one that I love more. She can be the meanest person in the world, but she can also be my best friend. Because she is my sister, I have many jobs: making sure she is happy, making sure no one but me tortures her, and making sure our fights are not only a challenge, but also an art.

First of all I really love my sister, I would do just about anything for her. Last year on her 12th birthday she had made plans to go to the beach for a weekend. Our parents were going to take her, her friend and me.

I unfortunately had to work both Friday and Sunday. What made it even worse was that the day before she was supposed to go, her friend couldn't. Michelle was so upset but she went anyway, alone with my parents. I love my parents, but both of them are not the most fun. My sister was doomed to have the worst birthday in her life. Well, I got up Saturday morning and drove the two-hour trip to Dillon. I got there around 12pm. I had to do something for her. The first thing I did was order a cake. While the bakery was making the cake I went and bought several balloons and a stuffed teddy bear. I then headed to good old Wal-Mart to buy some banners and a present. On the way to the house I picked up a card...