Personal essay as Literature. Literature as a form of writing.

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Literature is a form of writing. There are two different types of literature; they consist of the type that is intellectual and meaningful, or the type that is lacking meaning and intellect. An essay is a literary device used to convey a particular message, tell a story, or discuss a particular event. A collection of essays can cover as much information and can be just as long as a novel. David Sedaris is a personal essayist, who writes fragments of his autobiography. The strength of David's personal essays is that he writes them in first person point of view. David's expression of thoughts, experiences and feelings encompass the genius in which he creates in the book Naked.

David provides a glimpse into the complexity of the human mind. David uses the style of a collection of personal essays to give a glimpse into the world that surrounds him. A collection of personal essays can cover so much more depth than a novel can.

The fact that the author chooses these particular stories to write about gives the reader a preconception about the author before the reader has even finished all the works in the collection. The personal essay is a type of literature in which gives the true essence for the mass array of different purposes in writing. As individuals experience life first hand they are evoking different thoughts and emotions. Every author is influenced by their surroundings and how different events change who they are. Readers are able to get a glimpse of a precious and fragile concept, the human mind. The use of the personal essay by David has brought a rare glimpse to his personal life and every reader can relate to the stories that he has provided no matter what that reader's background might be.