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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

We all come together for a common good but our job entails us to not physically be working together. I do my best to make sure that holiness is involved throughout my day and that I may help my patients in the best way possible. One example in my workplace that caused justice concerns in my opinion was the actions taken by an employer that I used to work for. When I would see patients for this home health agency I would finish my day by going up to the office and getting my paperwork together for the next day. This would save me time because no one would be at the office to talk to me or bother me while I was working.

"Is joy a good medicine man, but the spirit to crush bone dry." (McDaniel, 2004) and this applies to those ideals episodes I see it is unclear followers of the Lord. I try to be cheerful with everyone, and I think that if you are sure that can help them in anything, even if it's not something I can actually get paid for, and I will do my best so they will know that I do care. Must be taken care of holiness in my work by each employee individually because we do not work together often.

Company founders got good Christian people and they are the health care sector to help others and not just for a profit. Because of this, the company was very fruitful and has had a major positive impact on a large part of Texas. With many years of service under its...