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Kenton Reece Professor Clark

Comp. 1 Eng. 105

September 15, 2014

Making a Man

"Hey! Here she comes!" All the sudden the deer pops out of seemingly nowhere. She darts across the empty soy bean field in front of me. I raise my gun and prepare to take the shot.

Nothing seems different today. It feels like any other day during deer season. Just like any other push we had done during the last 2 years I had hunted. But as this story will tell, this day will be different, probably one of the most different days of my life.

As we walked into the public property we were going to hunt, we went over the plan. We had little smaller group today, but that was normal for a week day during late deer season. We are hunting with shot guns shooting slugs, and I just happen to have a brand new gun.

Since I'm one of the younger hunters and haven't gotten a deer yet, I'll be sitting. Waiting for the deer to come to me. The way we hunt is called party hunting, using pushers who walk towards the sitters scaring the deer in the direction we want them to go. The sitters wait at the end of the push for the deer to come at them. We all go over the plan one last time before we split up. We have to know where everyone is at all times for it to be safe and effective. "Me and Craig will push, you and Kenny go sit" says Tracey, the logistical genius of the group. Growing up in these woods he knows them like the back of his hand. He has sat in every spot there is and walked every push in every way possible. I go with...