Personal Finance and Investing

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1IntroductionThis financial report has been requested by Sally and using the information provided, I have compiled in accordance with the Accounting Principles and Procedures a special purpose financial report of Sally for the year ended 31 December 2009 as set out in the proceeding pages.

The specific purpose for which this report has been prepared is set out in sections 1.0 - 9.0. The accounting standards have not been adopted in the preparation of this report. The intent of this financial report is to investigate the personal finance and relevant investment options regarding Sally's information; also additional options available for any savings.

With quite a few necessities in life being out of most persons price range, it is only through personal finance and investment in which it makes it possible to afford some of life's requirements. The personal finance, relevant investment and additional saving options are listed as below. Personal finance options include a personal loan, a credit card and or a car loan.

Investment options such as cash management, fixed interest and bonds, shares, property and; diversified and specialised funds. And additional saving options such as an everyday savings account, sub account and everyday online savings account.

This personal finance, relevant investment, saving options and information provided will be analysed, interpreted and compared to provide any possible application to the financial advisee, Sally.

This special purpose financial report was prepared for the benefit of Sally and purpose identified above. Using the information and options gathered in this report, Sally should be in the position to make informed decisions on which personal finance, investment and saving options apply to her needs.

Daniel ReynoldsStudent Accountant2Sally's Viewpoint of Personal FinanceSally is a university student, living at home. She has a part time job which pays $200 net (after tax) per week and...