Personal Goals

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How would society be if no one had any personal goals? It surely would be a different place that we are not used to living in. Just think of how people would be transiting from place to place for no apparent reason. Personal goals are what our motivation, initiative, and our direction stem from. My personal goals play a big part in my everyday life on what I want to accomplish.

When I was in my youth, my goals were not very big and did not play a big part in my life. My parents encouraged and coached me to work to the best ability that I could. I just wanted to achieve what my parents put in place for me to succeed in life. Once I was placed in school, my goals shifted; but I never dropped the primary goal of pleasing my parents. The goals that I set for myself in school were to excel and to achieve the greatest learning experience that I could.

I succeeded in achieving these goals during school, but they seemed to die as time went on.

Successfully meeting a goal does not mean simply attaining, mastering, and then discarding it from your drive just to go on to the next goal. You must have your goals intertwine and work together; however, meeting the expectation of one's goals is not where the adventure ends.

Personal goals need to be arranged, set in a priority, and set at a realistic level to achieve. Only those that are set at a realistic level have a high probability of being met. There are some goals that you need to achieve before you can move on to the next goal. These goals work hand in hand with each other. For instance, you want to attain your lower...