Personal Goals I Intend to Achieve as a University of Phoenix Student.

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Personal Goals I Intend to Achieve as an

University of Phoenix Student

Throughout the last ten years, I have frequently pondered the idea of going back to school. There were times I was extremely excited at the prospect, and other times where I would have to tell myself it really was important. Regardless of my excitement about returning to school or how important I knew furthering my education was, at the time there was always something that was perceived as more important. These obstacles continually pushed going back to school down on the list of my priorities.

While my priorities through the years have varied drastically depending on age or maturity, I believe they have been based solely on personal initiative. Regardless of the reason, these priorities have ranged from my career and social life all the way to family commitment. Very recently, I took a step back and evaluated my life.

I determined that I was not satisfied with what I have achieved. It is not that I am unhappy, but more the fact that I aspire to achieve more out of life. I have dedicated my entire adult life to the military and my family, often thinking that taking steps to improve myself would have taken away from my devotion to one or the other. I have now come to realize that by pursuing my education, I will be a greater asset to both the military and my family.

My number one priority in life is to provide my two children with the best life possible. I would like to be able to give them the things that I was never able to have as a child. My second priority has been career advancement. Somehow, I have never managed to place personal satisfaction at the top of my...