Personal Goals (Scholarship Application)

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As a child from a broken home, I have several goals to accomplish. My first and most important goal is to graduate from college with a degree in Law and to practice Law. This is my most important goal due to the fact that this has been a childhood dream that has remained with me through the years and has not changed. This goal is what I call a personal goal; meaning this is a goal I want to accomplish and not one someone else?s dream for me. Accomplishing this goal will not put me at the level of satisfaction I am striving for, but accomplishing this goal will be a start.

If I were the recipient of the 100 Black Men of Valdosta Scholarship, it will help me reach my goal of a college education. Living with one parent can sometimes be hard and difficult when it comes to financial needs.

This scholarship would allow me to attend college and not have to worry about where I will get the money to pay for a book or a mandatory fee. If I were the recipient of this scholarship, the money would not be wasted. It would be used in a way that I will be able to contribute back to the 100 Black Men of Valdosta Organization in the future.

Being taught good morals and values, I believe that one should never forget her humble beginnings. After establishing myself as a lawyer, I plan on giving my talents back to the community. I plan on implementing programs that as a child growing up I wished were available to me. Whatever I do in the future, my community will definitely benefit from it. All of these things I have listed will become possible with the help of GOD,