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Peters 3

Courtney S. Peters

Professor Shupe

English 100A

September 6, 2014

Personal Growth and Long Term Development

Growing up as a child with three older siblings I was afforded the opportunity to watch them take three different life paths. I witnessed one not finishing high school and ending up falling victim to the US legal system, another not enjoying education but decided to pursue a career in the US military, and one who went off to complete college at a four-year university. Watching my older brothers and sisters benefited me in deciding what I would like to do in life and how I would get there. I decided to follow the example of my older sister and continue my education. My sister was much immersed in her education and the benefits of that were evident. She made my parents proud, she was able to accomplish career goals that she set for herself and ultimately she set an example for me to follow.

My sister encouraged me to pursue my education even when others around me did not do so. She encouraged me to pursue higher education so that I can achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a neonatal nurse because I was a premature baby, so I would like to make a change in that sense. Throughout my life I was presented with many challenges, for example at birth I weighed 2lbs 2 oz. and since then I've had many insecurities. I was that little girl without a voice and with many disadvantages, I never thought I would have the strength or courage to take advantage of the opportunities that were given to me, one of them being to pursue a higher education. Watching my sister choose the correct path by going to college has inspired me. Not only...