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Six dimensions of health and wellness as defined by Insel and Roth (2008) are: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal and social, and environmental or planetary wellness. This paper will discuss which three dimensions are my strengths, how they affect my health, and which dimension I need to better develop in order to improve my overall health and wellness.

Intellectual Wellness is without a doubt my strongest dimension in contributing to my overall wellness. One of my favorite things to do is attempt to solve puzzles or some other sort of riddle that requires extreme critical thinking. I always try to come up with new ideas when it pertains to work or school; anything that can improve the idea at hand and make it more efficient overall. I love to learn from every success and failure I encounter in my life and implement what I learned to those around me in future endeavors.

On the whole, if there was one dimension of wellness I believe I could be a "poster boy" for it would be Intellectual Wellness.

My second strongest dimension would be Interpersonal and Social Wellness. Unlike the Intellectual Wellness in which I can take full credit for, I tribute the Interpersonal and Social Wellness dimension to my wife. Before I met my wife I was active duty Army and in all reality had nobody I felt truly comfortable sharing my feelings with and including in what I called my "personal bubble." The reason this is not considered the emotional wellness is because I lack some self-control and optimism lately, in which will be discussed later in this paper. Furthermore, the relationship and emotional support that my wife has provided for the last two years we have been married has changed the person I am in a more positive...