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My Hero Heroism is defined as a person who exhibits bravery and nobility under all circumstances. I consider heroism to be associated with a person's idol or someone they hold dearest to their heart. Heroes are usually someone you believe in all of your life, from childhood to adulthood. They are often someone who you picture as a role model, or someone you would rather be like and follow into the same profession as them. Heroes usually have a few setbacks in their life whether they are human or fictional characters, but true heroes in my opinion are someone who tries to overcome their setbacks in all situations. Heroes do not necessarily have to be someone you will never be, such as Superman. They can be anyone from the president of the United States to your next door neighbor who happens to be a firefighter.

My personal heroes are racecar drivers and anyone who has a need for speed.

Racecar drivers are someone I have always admired. I consider myself to be a perfectionist at most things, and to be a racer you have to be as close to perfect as possible or you have no chance to succeed. Racecar drivers have to be perfectionists in everything they do, if they forget to tighten a bolt down they could lose the motor in their car, a wheel, and any chance at a victory for the day. They must be perfect in other ways too, like where they drive on the racetrack in relation to others. Racers must concentrate on many factors surrounding them, but they must also concentrate on winning the race they are in. When racers lose their concentration, even if it is just for the blink of an eye they could be sent sliding treacherously into the wall...