Personal Information Handling Policy Statement for a Managing Research and Information Task

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Task 2 - Personal Information Handling Policy Statement for Members of Staff Only

Purpose & Objectives

This policy covers all standards and procedures consisting of 'Processing and Controlling' personal data, staff understanding their roles and responsibilities, staff training, following the Health and Safety policy during beauty treatments, monitoring and reviewing individuals and the eight data principles that governs all use of personal information which the Spa must comply unless an exemption applies.

The policy helps to promote the business by attracting all types of customers in all advertising and marketing purposes, all client database is protected, making sure that each employee understands all terms and conditions of the Spa. The risk assessment carried out must ensure all products and safety procedures are used correctly within the organisation as this helps to reduce the possible chances by having to pay fines, being sued or even breaching an act under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 .

(UK Hairdressers (2000) Health and Safety. Para. 3, pg.2).

The key performance for this policy is to make sure our staff are aware about all

Health and Safety procedures, regular monitoring staff, reviewing the performance of the whole organisation and updating personal data. The Health and Safety rules are fundamental to achieve for continual improvement of the organisation and providing feedback from all customers who understand all terms of conditions of the Spa to build up an effective relationship between others (Bali Spa & Wellness (2006a) Objectives & Programs, para. 1-7 pg.1).

improving staff knowledge, technical skills and professionalism when undertaking high standards of training that involves first aid training and more

monitoring all systems on a check list provided ensures controlling the correct temperatures of all facilities (e.g. saunas, steam rooms) (Bali Spa & Wellness (2006a) para. 1-7 pg.1)

Data Protection Act...