personal interpritation and coments on "catcher in the rye", how does the book relate to todays world.

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Through years of our lives we grow up, we have to make changes to how we act

and behave. Holden Caulfield unconsciously made his decision, he started to grow

up after he was kicked in to the world. Holden was at school until he flunked out

and ended up heading home. During Holdens trip he comes across a few people

who help him adjust to the transition of childhood and adulthood. When he adjusts

he makes the decision to become a person who helps keep kids young. It took a

while but he figured out where he will be in ten years. Now since Im in my teens,

I'll have to go through the same steps as Holden did. I have a good feeling that in

the next ten years I will be in law enforcement and preferably a pilot for law


After college I have high expectations of being in the law

enforcement field.

There is something about police that I like. It could be the

feeling of protecting the community or just the trigger happy feeling I get. I was

watching amazing police videos and I noticed that they show all fields of law

enforcement but the ones that caught my attention were pilots flying in helicopters

and the swat team. I first wanted to join the military but if Im going to do that why

not start local. I think I also have a deep feeling to keep peace because I've seen a

lot of violence, like the Rodney King trials and Sept 11, 2001. The thrill of flying

parallel with the highway chasing a car, spot light shinning bright on it, people

jumping out. "Mike hit the infrared cam, they're on foot west bound on Ygnacio

Blvd." Doesn't that sound like a blast of...