Personal Learning Styles.

Essay by essayer September 2003

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After reading chapter five in The Peak Learning text I realize that everyone has a personal learning style. Before reading the aforementioned text I had no idea why at certain times of the day I just couldn't seem to grasp information that was being presented. I could not understand why in a classroom setting when the instructors gave out every tiny detail of a subject I would just get bored and zone out. However, once I read Discovering Your personal Learning Profile and took the tests they offered, I began to get an overall view of the times and ways that I prefer to learn.

The first test that was given was Your Peak and Valley Learning Times. In this test questions were presented as to how I felt at different times of the day. What I discovered about myself is that I learn better in the evening hours after I have calmed down from the hustle and bustle of the day.

I believe I learn better in the evening hours because the children are in bed, clothes are laid out for the following day, and the daily chores are completed. There is nothing left for me to do except relax. I like to think that my mind is beginning its renewal for the next day so it is easier for me to pick up on new things at this particular time. So after taking this test I see that I am considered to be an owl.

The next test that I took was Do You Learn Bottom Up or Top Down? The focus of this test was to see the way I approached certain learning tasks. I found out that I like to take the top down approach. I generally prefer to view the problem as a whole and...