Personal Management or Human Resource Management

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The competition in the recent business area is unprecedented severity. The organizations, who manage successfully, can survive in the dog-eat-dog market. It follows that human resource becomes a key source of every organization. The effectiveness of managing the human resource also becomes an important factor to achieve success. In the same way, personal management and human resource management are two main modes for managing human resource. The definitions of these two modes will be showed in the first part of this essay. Then, this essay will compare these two modes with the strategy, corporate culture and the role of managers in different system.

To begin with introduce the definitions about personal management and human resource management. Personal management refers to managing human resource with organizations, which includes recruitment and selection, training and employee development, appraisal and reward, discipline and dismissal (Edmund Heery and Mike Noon, 2001). According to Lesley Mackay and Derek Torrington, HRM is "directed mainly towards management needs for human resources (not only employees) to be provided and deployed.

There is greater emphasis on planning, monitoring and control, rather than on problem-solving and mediation. It is totally identified with management interests and is relatively distant from the workforce as a whole." (1986).

Therefore, there are only some distinctions between personal management and HRM according to the definitions above. To quote Armstrong "HRM is being promoted as a new approach which offers far more to chief executives than the conventional techniques of personnel management" (1988).

Firstly, the main difference between HRM and personnel management is the strategy of an organization. HRM strategy requires the organization to set some objectives to guide human resource, because human resource is treated as a key resource of an organization and management of this must has a sense of purpose and mission. Apart from...