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Lord of the Flies In thinking of a character while reading the book, Lord of the Flies, my thoughts wandered to the question, what makes a good character? Most characteristics that came to mind were honesty, trustworthiness, and a hard worker, someone who is compassionate and shows good leadership. With this in mind I thought of Ralph. Ralph along with other boys was in a situation where fear could have easily overtaken them, but instead of letting fear engulf him, Ralph chose to be a leader. For these reasons and more, Ralph is my favorite character Ralph is around the age of 12, has fair colored hair and is built like a boxer. He becomes the leader of a small band of boys trapped on an island. Ralph displays many characteristics of a good leader. An example of Ralph's devotion to the group, Ralph held several meetings to let the other boys express their own opinions on how the group should be run, and to see if they had any input on his way of running the group.

Even though Ralph was the leader of all the boys he still felt that the other boys suggestions might help out their situation on the island.

Another example of Ralph's great leadership is his abilities to think of ideas that would help their situation. Ralph had an idea in their second meeting to build a fire on the highest part of the island to inform a passing boat that their were inhabitants on the island. He also thought that at least one person should keep and eye on the fire at all times to make sure the fire wouldn't burn out.

Ralph is always assuring the boys that they will be rescued and encourages them not to give up hope.