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Sherrick 1

Kendall Sherrick

Laura Nowocin

English 1100

12 September 2014

The True Gift of Life

A little black hole in a wall as white as snow is the vivid picture I seem to remember. My view got cloudier by the second- as my eyes filled with salted tears. I could not believe that my biggest fear had just become my reality. My whole world had been flipped within a twenty minute phone call. As hours and hours had passed and I had regained my composure, I tried to wrap my mind around what was happening. As I looked at the wall I started to focus on the little black hole again. It is the smallest things that stand out. Even though the ratio of the size of the wall compared to the little hole did not even compare to one another, that little hole is what made the wall unique and stand out from the other three that surrounded me.

Right then and there I realized that it is the most miniscule things that make life unique and that are why it is so precious.

April 8, 2014: It was a normal Tuesday. I woke up got ready for school, spent my day wishing I was home, then as soon as I got home rushed to make sure I was to work on time. I have exactly thirty-five minutes from the time I get home from school to the time I need to be clocked in at work. That gives me enough time to change clothes and make a phone call or two. I knew my "adopted father" had a doctor's appointment earlier that morning, so I figured I'd call to check up on him. When I called his phone rang twice and then went to voicemail. So that...