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My mom died when I was six years old of leukemia. After that my dad drove my two brothers and I to Pennsylvania to see his mom. Once we got there I met my grandma; she was a very over bearing women, she always had to have things her way. She thought it would be best if we moved to Alaska. When we got there, I missed Colorado right away. I missed my family but most of all I missed my mom. When I started school, I had a lot of problems. My disruptive behavior got me in a lot of trouble; I thought if I caused enough trouble, my grandma would send me back to Colorado. After so long I realized she wasn't going to send me back, so I just got better at cheating. By the time I was in third grade I had become an expert at cheating.

I had five different resources for book reports and had mirrors strategically placed all over the classroom.

By fifth grade I realized I could cheat better if I didn't do anything all year and just collect the work of my friends and at the end of the year copy it and turn it in. This trick worked for fifth and sixth grade. At the end of my sixth grade year a friend of mine committed suicide. I didn't understand why they did it; I asked myself if I did anything that would have caused it. The whole thing just reminded me of my mother's death. My friend Ricky and I went over to his friend john's and he offered us some weed. Under the circumstances I thought it would be the perfect way to get my mind off of death. I felt like I was completely dead inside. I...