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Personal Narrative

September 12, 2012

My First Dog

One day my grandpa woke me up asking if I wanted to go to his parents' house with him. I said "yes." So I got dressed, and went down stairs. When I got down there grandma asked where we were going. Then my grandpa told her we were going to his parents' house

Then we ate breakfast and got into his truck. It took us about 30 minutes until we got to my grandpas parents' house. It was a one story house with a short white gate in front of it; the grass was a perfect green with flowers around it. When we got out of the car I ran inside the house and hugged my great grandparents. They gave us something to eat and then told me that they have a surprise for me.

They went in the backyard and when they came back in the house they had two dogs with them.

One dog was small and had black fur with brown eyes and his name was Blackey; the other dog was big and had dark and light brown fur and his name was Hercules. When I first saw the dogs I was really scared of them. Then after a while I learned that they were really friendly. They were my dogs and I got really happy. We put the dogs in the car and went home.

When we got home my mom was shocked to see the dogs, but after a while she started to like them. Then my grandpa told me that we were going to train them the next day. When my mom was putting me to sleep I told her what happened when we were over my great grandparents' house. The next day me and my...