Personal Narrative Relating a Shoulder Injury to the Song "Let Me Fly"

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I felt it pop, and pain engulfed my shoulder like ants cover an anthill that has been stomped into the ground. Instantly I was fuming with anger and adrenaline. I kept my grip on the blocker knowing if I gave up ground, it would be a touchdown. I felt a numbing pain shoot through my shoulder again and this time it popped audibly as I put my helmet between the numbers on the ball carriers jersey and wrapped my uninjured arm around his leg to end the play. As the ref blew his whistle I pulled myself from the ground and carried myself to the sideline, gently holding my injured shoulder in place with my other hand, clenching my teeth from the pain. All I could think was this the end of my season, it had only been the first game, how long until I can get back on the field? How the hell am I going to get my pads off? I sat on the bench and felt the pain increasing as the adrenaline from the game wore off.

The trainer asked me to move my arm in a circular motion, but the pain of just lifting it was unbearable. He confirmed I had dislocated my shoulder and helped me remove my pads. While he banded a big bag of ice to my arm with clear plastic that closely resembled saran wrap he explained that I would need x-rays to make sure I hadn't torn any ligaments. A torn ligament meant surgery, and shoulder surgery required at least six months of rehab.

The next day I visited the team doctor expecting bad news. Doctor Barrick had an unforgettable appearance; he looked more like an NFL linebacker than a doctor. He couldn't have been older than thirty and a mountain...