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been captured by a band of Wood-elves who were try to

find out what him and his friends were doing in the

woods. The rest of the dwarves are quickly captured and

taken into the dungeons of the Wood-elves. Again with

the help of the ring Bilbo sneaks in the dungeon and

using the Wood-elves empty food barrels to float down

stream to Lake-town. Once in Lake-townThorin declared

himself to be the grandson of the King under the

Mountain. The Lake Men gave the dwarves food and

supplies for their journey up Lonely Mountain. When the

dwarves found the secret door, the dwarves sent Bilbo in

along. Only because it was in his contract. When Bilbo

reached the treasure room where Smaug was sound

asleep. Bilbo put on his ring and grabbed from the

treasure pile a great two handled cup and returned

quickly back to the dwarves.

When Smaug awakes, he goes into a fierce fiery and

goes to find the thief and the dwarves narrowly escape

the dragon by slipping into the tunnel. Finally Bilbo puts

on his ring and goes down to confront the dragon. There

ensues another riddle game, but this time composed of

enigmatic references to Bilbo's own identity and

adventures. Bilbo finds a flaw on the dragons breast.

Bilbo barely escapes back into the tunnel and up into the open air, where he tells the dwarves of his discovery. Suddenly Smaug erupts from the mountain and heads for the Lake-town to destroy the people and the town of which he suspects is aiding the unseen enemy.

Once again Bilbo descend down the tunnel to the

treasure room and this time he discovers and pockets

the most magnificent treasure of all, the great jewel called the Arkenstone. When the dwarves reach...