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Essay by Shehzad712 September 2003

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Me, Myself, & I

Often in life, we come to a point in which we scrutinize the strengths and abilities of other individuals, only to speculate what our strengths and abilities are. When it comes down to it, we all are unique, hence we too have strengths and abilities that others visualize and cherish. I believe my three strongest strengths and or abilities are being very motivated, good at soccer, and being a good listener.

First, being a very motivated individual is strength of mine that I cherish the most. I can still remember pulling all "nighters" during high school for my anatomy/physiology tests and reading ahead every chapter in biology before we started it, only to be rewarded with the sentiment of satisfaction, when I received my grades. I believe being motivated and goal oriented goes hand in hand with each other, therefore I have set a goal for myself to become a doctor so I've been really motivated to overcome any and all obstacles in my way for getting there.

Second, I believe everyone's life should be balanced. It should be balanced out in three equal ways, one being physical, the other social, and the last but not least mental. I am glad that I have had the love of soccer since childhood. Not only has it made me a hard working entity but it has also kept me physically fit. I still remember having the opportunity to play Eclipse soccer, a soccer team of the finest junior soccer players in the southern region of Texas. I had the time of my life when we were invited to play in the National Junior Soccer Tournament in Europe.

Third, being a good listener is a quality of mine that my friends cherish the most. Recently, one of my...