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IntroductionEmotional Intelligence has been defined by Beagrie (2005), as the set of competencies and skills which affect the individual's ability to deal with situations under different pressures and situations. Emotional intelligence has five components. According to Goleman (2004), the five components are self-awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skill.

Emotional intelligence and the five components have been identified to share the foundation of this paper. This paper will present what I hope to gain from the course. Once that is presented, I will explain how the course content can be used in the daily life.

ExpectationsThe main expectation I have in this class is to enhance my emotional intelligence. How do I plan to accomplish this task? Emotional intelligence, as described earlier, is composed of five components. The readings serve as a guide to explain the components in detail. My goal is to enhance my emotional intelligence by applying what I have read to my daily life; both professionally and personally.

The next obvious question is how I plan to apply the components described above in my daily life. The only answer that I can state is that by understanding and processing the information learned, I will attempt to take control of my emotions. The stories in the book are disturbing. I think of every individual in the stories as someone who could be a member of my family.

An individual who may not be aware of emotional intelligence may wonder why I would want to enhance my emotional intelligence if my degree is in business. Had I never learned about emotional intelligence, that would probably be a question I would have. Daniel Goleman (2004), states that leaders who are truly effective can also be recognized by an elevated degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence along with leadership skills...