Personal Perspective Paper Answers the question "What is your experience with decision making models?"

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In this paper, I will describe my personal experience with decision-making models in the workplace. Many decision-making models can be used by managers to making decisions. The decision-making model to use will depend on the situation or problem that arises. For example, human resource manager may rely on a competency model that identifies a set of generic traits vision, direction, energy, and so on, then try to find and build the next-generation of leaders who fit the model (Sifting through the leadership code, 2007, July 23, pp. 1). Different decision-making models are use by different types of managers and different models are used in different types of situations.

In one situation that comes to mind. An employee was off on workman's comp. When the employee was released to light-duty she was brought back to work. The first two months she was back to work she came in late or missed seven times.

Once an employee has three occurrences they receive a verbal written warning, five a written warning, and seven occurrences leads to termination. With this employee being on workman's comp management had to make sure they followed policy, so our human resource department was contacted before any release paper work was given to this employee to ensure that everything was done by the book. All information was given to the human resource department and once they looked the information over and found that everything was going by policy the verbal written warning was given to the employee. To arrive at a solution, or decision, one has to weigh up all the information and all facts need to be reviewed to make the best decision (Markley, 2007, March 17).

In this case with the employee who had to be terminated, corporate had policies that were put in place that helped...