Personal poem I wrote about jealousy...maybe you all can relate

Essay by Toboscoe May 2004

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I have recently come to realize

There is no way to compromise

Darkness grows with each sunrise

No pleasure comes with new surprise

There is no use to improvise

For a jealous heart tells only lies

Inside this leads to painful cries

And tears will fall from blameless eyes

This mind of mine you terrorize

Grows impossible to stabilize

These wounds no matter what the size

Take so long to cauterize

My words I try to organize

Pictures which I visualize

Memories I mobilize

Combine as I apologize

This feeling I cannot disguise

Thoughts are hard to annalyze

The last event can we not ostrasize?

All senses fail while we trade good-byes

No doubt within me will arise

This sinful thought is my demise

With you I know I held first prize

But now I'm cold with lifeless eyes