A Personal Poltical Profile.

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Political Profile

When asked about my political profile, I thought I don't have one. I am nineteen and legally entitled to vote so I pretty much have to. I am almost positive that it will probably just be a matter of me closing my eyes and pointing and whomever I come out with will receive my vote. I know some background information on each candidate who would stand politically. So I came to the conclusion if I listened enough to gain some political information on each candidate and voted according to their beliefs, then I must have some ideologies and that led me to liberalism. Liberalism is the type of ideology I can relate to the most because ideologies are considered to be value-laden belief systems and my reasons for being liberal are based on the values of freedom, which relates to the beliefs of liberalism.

Liberalism became a recognized ideology back in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

It started as an outgrowth of an earlier revolt against oligarchic governments. This revolt included the downfall of James the second, established Parliament as having more command than the monarchy and it also blocked the royal family from interfering with the decisions of the courts and from suspending acts of Parliament. Liberals obtained their political ideas from the writers of the Enlighten and also from the so-called principals of 1789, which were embodied in the French Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens.

Human-made laws and institutions were thought to be the modern answer to progress by the leading thinkers of the eighteenth century. In Europe, liberal politicians wanted to establish a political framework that would permit legal equality, religious tolerance, and freedom of the press. The Europeans felt that the legitimacy of government came from the freely given consent of...