Personal Profile Paper

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Personal Profile Paper

Section #10


How do you see yourself?

The beginning section of the book was all about assessing how you view your self. The aspect we explored first was our personality. I found out that I was highly extroverted, conscientiousness, and agreeable due to assessment I.A.1 (Stephen, 2009). This basically means I am social, responsible, and cooperative (Vandeveer, 2009). This assessment did a good job analyzing my personality. I have always felt that I displayed theses characteristics and this assessment provided an accurate description of how I see my personality. I also found out from assessment I.A.3 that I am type A personality (Stephen, 2009). I focus on quantity over quality at times. I like to do things fast and efficiently but also experience high levels of stress.

The learning style I scored highest on in exercise I.A.5 is Verbal-Linguistic (Stephen, 2009). I am a type of person who remembers a lot of what they hear and more of what they hear and say out loud.

There are many things I can do to study having this style including: outline chapters, recite information, rewrite notes, and talk about what I learn (Vandeveer, 2009). I have numerous skills but I am very good at building and leading a team. I am able to work well with others and coordinate different personalities according to assessment III.B.6 (Stephen, 2009). I also prefer to work in an informal, humanistic, flexible, and innovative culture because I scored above a 22 on assessment III.B.1 (Stephen, 2009). I like a more flexible workplace but do desire some structure. In past jobs, I have worked in situation where the manager was constantly distrusting and monitoring the employees. It created a stressful and hostile environment. I don't like people breathing down my neck, and believe a...