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Volleyball E Guide

Name: Ayman Surty

School Name: The International School Karachi

Word Count:3500

Year: 2013-2014 MYP 4


I'd like to thank my supervisor for guiding me throughout this lengthy journey and for guiding me. I'd also like to thank my sister for recording me perform the volleyball technique's which I later incorporated into my presentation in order to make it more interactive to the audience. I'd like to thank both my sisters for helping me make the poster due to how I could not have done it without them.

Id also like to thank my peers for showing me there process journal due to how In my old IB school wed upload our comments on managebac so I was clueless as to what a process journal was due to how not all IB schools have process journals.

Table of Contents

The Goal page 1

Selection of Sources page 3

Application of Information page 4

Achieving the Goal page 5

Reflection on Learning page 6-7

Appendix 1 page 8

Appendix 2 page 9

Appendix 3 page 10

Bibliography page 11

References page 12

The Goal

My goal was to create a volleyball e guide for beginners in order to enlighten my peers on this amazing sport! My e guide needs to be visually appealing and interactive in order to spark the interest of my audience thus intriguing them towards the sport and eventually leading to them playing it.

My topic of interest was volleyball due to how its been one of my favorite sports since I was little and I firmly believe a lot of people in Pakistan would enjoy it although not many are aware of it so when I realized this I grasped the opportunity in front of me to enlighten my peers on this beneficial sport...