A personal reflection, a bike riding experiance i had.

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A Personal Story by Anthony Wignall

After what has seemed like an eternity, the grey sky has finally cleared and transformed itself into a most brilliant blue, showing the welcoming signs of spring. The overnight rain has left its fresh scent. The trees seem to breathe fresh green air as I pedal past them. The closer I get to the bike track the bigger my smile becomes and I begin to feel lighthearted. I am on my way to my most favourite place on earth, the BMX bike track.

I walk my bike across the last busy road to the track hidden amongst a forest. I roll through the gates of the track and feel a great weight lift from me. I am now in a hidden, secret place where there are no rules.

There is no sound except for the birds. The outside world longer exists. I could feel myself slipping away into this sanctuary.

Filtered sunlight illuminates the many colours of the dirt track. The smooth trunks of the gum trees stand tall amongst the green leaves silhouetted by the blue sky. The shades of orange clay darken from red to brown where the water has drained into a reflective puddle.

I come to a stop in the very centre of the bike track and feel free for the first time in weeks. To my surprise I am the only person here. This world is mine for the taking.

On the lunar like surface surrounding me are deep holes and tall piles of carefully hand sculptured dirt, towering over me, weaving through the trees, sweeping left and right.

I shoot down the first runway and sail over the first few jumps keeping low to maintain my speed. I hit a banked turn and carve around it, all the...