Personal Reflection on the Entrepreneur Interview

Essay by geoffreykun March 2005

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My interviewee is Mr. Keith Richardson who is CEO and founder of Sierra Trading Post in Cheyenne, WY. The type of business is Catalog Company and the company have operated for 18 years, started in 1986.

Mr. Richardson raised some interesting and valuable perspectives during the interview. First, he pointed out that the motivation he became an entrepreneur was getting fired. I think that "getting fired" is a very powerful phrase to me. I have so many ideas about my life but I always feel confused and lack of confidence to make a decision. However, when Mr. Richardson said that "I always had a desire to be an entrepreneur, that's why I took accounting." I always want to have my own business, but I did not take an action to fulfill my ideas. So, Mr. Richardson clearly tells me that when we have a idea to something, we need to think about that clearly.

Also, take an action and pray are very important. Moreover; he also identified the opportunity that led to the setting up of his business. A successful business came from a life turning decision. There are many choices out there for me to chose, but I always do not have confidence to take a chance or a risk. As a result, I lost many good opportunities to pursue my dream. After I interview Mr. Richardson I clearly understand that a successful entrepreneur has strong characteristics and perspectives. I do not think I will be like Mr. Richardson but I desire to learn from him. Third, when Mr. Richardson started the business, he did a very comprehensive business plan. It included marketing analysis, study of competitors and needs of the markets, and finances required...etc. This shows me that my education is worth. This course taught me exactly the...