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Although the modern version appeals to a younger audience, I found that the older version of Romeo and Juliet to be much more romantic. I found that there was more action in the modern version, because Romeo and Juliet were constantly moving around. In doing this though, I thought it took away from the emotions. In the older version there is little movement but a great deal of facial expressions. The facial expressions added to the emotions that the characters were feeling, which helped me to understand what was going on a little bit better. Another that I liked about the older version was the music. The music was more noticeable and suited the mood very well in the older version. The setting in the modern version was not what expected from reading the book. I like Juliet on the balcony and not in the pool. The balcony scene put Juliet higher than Romeo, making Romeo look up to her.

I thought this reflected the way that Romeo viewed Juliet. I didn't like the way that Romeo scared Juliet into the pool. I didn't find it to be that romantic. By contrast in the older version, I enjoyed the way that Romeo kept getting closer to Juliet. I thought that this created suspense but at the same time made it romantic. One this that I found was very noticeable in the two was the amount of kissing. In the older version, Romeo and Juliet hardly kissed but in the modern version Romeo and Juliet were all over each other. I think that this has something to do with the times that they were made in. The ending in the old version was very romantic. The holding if the hands and slowly walking away was much more romantic than the quick departure of Juliet in the modern version. In conclusion, I thought that the older version was much more romantic and resemble the way I pictured it in my head when I was reading the play.