Personal Response - Brampton Street Race Drivers Jailed for Killing Mom-to-be

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I fully agree with Mr. Yu Tin that Mr. Braithwaite did not get what he deserved. The collision happened due to the carelessness of Mr. Braithwaite because he was the one who speeded over 100Km/h in a 50Km/h zone. Driving or riding is a great responsibility while it makes our lives easy if it is used in the right manner. But misusage of a vehicle just not even put your life in risk, sometimes also become dangerous for other people on the road. I would say that Mr. Braithwaite is the one who killed the mother of an unborn baby and a baby himself who never opened its eyes and never even took a single breath in the open world. A happy, incident family got split up and all their dreams turned into a nightmare due to Mr. Braithwaite and his friend, who never admitted that they were responsible for the death of two innocent persons.

Moreover, he was blaming the van's driver for the whole situation, that occurred due to this own irresponsibility. He was not even ashamed for blaming an incident man who was not responsible for any of those situations at all. After the collision, he didn't even think about calling the police, which is considered totally illegal and by doing that he provided a worst example of humanity and value of someone's life in his heart. But rather, he called the insurance company to renew his insurance so that he doesn't have to pay for any expenses due to any kind of damages. For him, money was more important than someone's life and for this kind of person, 18 months of prison is nothing. I totally disagree with the judge's decision because he thought that the punishment for taking lives of two people should only be...