Personal Response on Sexual Identity

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Since the start of this class I learned that I did have some vague ideas about gender identity, different sexual proclivities, and pedophilia, but during the course I gleaned a much clearer view of the myriad of ways in which humans tend to interact sexually. The most fascinating thing, and one that opened my mind a great deal, was to understand the differences between people and the way that different aspects of sexuality appeal to them regardless of my own views and my own comfort ability with sex.

Personally, I am heterosexual, but on the Kinsey scale certainly do have bi-sexual fantasies about women. I have never experimented, and am very comfortable with being feminine, I clearly identify with my gender role as a woman, enjoy "girly clothing," and "dressing up." As a child and adolescent for instance, I found that three major traits helped me determine my own gender, and the way I choose to express that gender with the outside world.

1) I am comfortable with my femininity and female parts -and the way they work and feel, my shape, my figure that I am average size, with curves, and the way my skin looks and feels. 2) I've known that I am female by the ways I react to things, what has interested me and continue to do, whether this is societal or chemical, I've loved collecting dolls, cleaning, and doing what is classified as "women's chores," and the nurturing side of life. 3) I love the womanly idea of multitasking and being loving towards children. I do cry easily, and although I believe I can think on the same level as a man, I do believe my thought processes are different, and the way I look at the world different as well.

I have always considered...