Personal Responsibility

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Although people's opinions may differ on what exactly personal responsibility means to them, it is undeniable that there is a strong relationship between personal responsibility and college success, and for someone to practice it effectively, he or she must make a plan to do so.

Personal Responsibility

The ability to prioritize and prepare, to stay focused, and to do what needs to be done under one's own supervision is what personal responsibility means to me. It is the key factor in success, and like most other things, requires dedication and a plan of attack.

In Depth

In a nutshell, personal responsibility can be related to a flower. The ability to do things under one's own supervision represents the soil. It is the key element in growth. In fact without it, a seed has no purpose. Without self-supervision, there would be no hope for the fresh high school graduates beginning college soon with high hopes for the future.

If they cannot be strict on themselves, they will not succeed, thus making those hopes for the future pointless. This leads me to preparation. In a plant, I like to think of preparation as the water. The soil houses the seed, but without water, the soil dries up and the seed does not get the nutrients it needs to grow. Without preparation, a huge chunk is being cut out of self-supervision. With good self-supervision skills, one knows that preparation is key to accomplishment. This obviously will make prioritization the stem. The stem houses the water. To effectively prepare, one must first know how to prioritize. It makes no sense to do the assignment due in two weeks before the one due tomorrow. You need time to prepare your current assignment first so it is ready for...