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Personal Responsibility and College Success

Corinne Bunce


October 20, 2014

Dale McCurdy


Personal Responsibility and College Dropouts

According to The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, 45.5 % of students in colleges in the U.S. don't finish a bachelor' degree in under 6 years (2014). It may be easy to speculate why they don't; however, in this essay I plan to present the idea that lack of personal responsibility is the main factor that leads to college dropouts, and having personal responsibility leads to success in college as well as careers. Some people are generally nervous to take blame for shortcomings or weaknesses for fear of being criticized. When you take personal responsibility for your actions you leave room for growth and success. Personal responsibility is the key to college success.

Personal responsibility is the key to college success.

Personal responsibility to me is being able to hold yourself accountable to things that are within your power.

For instance, if you do not meet a deadline do to poor planning and receive a unsatisfactory grade, someone that takes personal responsibility would learn from their mistake and plan ahead next time. College success takes motivation, organization, and a willingness to grow from mistakes. Researchers for the Association of American Colleges and Universities did a survey of 23 campuses, including over 23,000 undergraduate students and over 9,000 campus professionals on personal responsibility. They used the "Personal and Social Responsibility Institutional Inventory" (PSRII) in Fall 2007 to assess the campus environment along five dimensions of personal and social responsibility: (1) Striving for excellence; (2) Cultivating personal and academic integrity; (3) Contributing to a larger community; (4) Taking seriously the perspectives of others; and (5) Developing competence in ethical and...