A Personal Review of "Conversations with God: An uncommon dialogue."

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I started reading the book "Conversations with God an uncommon dialogue" just before I started this Humanities class and I just recently finished it. The book is written by author Neale Donald Walsch who is a frustrated man with a lot of questions about life. The book presents God's answers to Walsch's questions concerning everyday life and how man should respond to opportunities and challenges. I really enjoyed this book and believe that anyone with an open mind and some free time to read would enjoy it as well.

This book is highly logical, very fair and many of the ideas are sound, interesting and make sense if thought about carefully. The author covers deep topics offering clear and precise explanations of such mysteries as, for example, why souls choose to come to earth to begin a process of living in limitation and duality. The use of simple words to explain these concepts was very effective and many of the words seemed to me to be true not only to my logical mind but to my soul as well...

One of the ideas presented in this book emphasized love over judgment and punishment. I really liked that concept because I don't want to believe that God set up a system where it is possible for us, his beloved children and created beings to suffer eternally. In one of God's answers He states, "Would I not give them free will and in addition when they make mistakes always be forgiving and loving? Would I not make all my creations perfect? A perfect being cannot do imperfect things otherwise it would not be perfect"..

Regardless of whether this book comes from God or not, I found it to be profound and interesting, Although I don't accept everything written in this book to be literal truth I did find it intriguing enough to me to make me think about the teachings and concepts and try to put them in to practice in my own life to see whether or not they work. "Conversations with God", in my opinion, is a milestone in the history of spiritual literature and I'm looking forward to reading the other three books in this series.