A personal sound track

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Dear Dr. Cunningham,

This essay was very unique for me. I have always wondered about the impressions we paint on people because of the music they listen to. I have even felt embarrassed when not recognizing a certain song or knowing about a certain band. The reading in which you gave us really interested me in the study but more so tore down my previous views of the topic. I do still see how some stereotypes hold up in some cases yet I feel like it is a very slim percent. Writing the essay was a challenge, but a fun one. I have never looked to deep into painting a picture of a person this detailed and it surprised me to see myself looking at a list of songs and really connecting them together to make up a person. I feel confident about this essay and I hope you enjoy it thank you.

Corey Haren

Corey Haren

Dr. Jen Cunningham

College Writing I

January 19th 2014

A Personal Soundtrack

Right Behind You - Emma Ruth Rundle Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta Guilt - Nero Strobe - deadmau5 Purple Rain - Prince Cassandra Gemini - The Mars Volta

If one were to think of five songs that best fit oneself would you think that said person could actually pick the five best songs that fits their entire personality? I find the thought of thinking of such a list to be more daunting than I could handle. How does one's mind over come what he or she is interested in at the moment? Allow me to elaborate. If someone were to ask me to pick five songs that summed up my personality I feel like it would be difficult to look outside of the music that I was attached to...