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Personal Statement Many of my grades are not indicative of my true ability or potential. There have been many extenuating circumstances that have significantly affected my academic record. I have always been a good student and have always earned good grades; however, freshman year was an exception. Since then my grades have drastically changed and their improvement reflects a maturity and sense of responsibility in my own character.

Freshman year was what I would consider hitting rock bottom. Everything fell apart and I felt I had no control. My parents got divorced yet still lived together- one in the basement the other upstairs. My little brother and I watched the fights, heard the threats, and lived through the abuse. The police were constantly over but nothing stopped the constant battles. I can remember coming home from school one day and my dad's things were lying out in the street. My mom kicked him out; she said that this time it was for good.

Considering he was sixty-nine years old at the time, he had no job, no money, no nothing. He went to live with my older brother and never really bothered to contact us. In the meantime, my mom started to date our neighbor. She was constantly out with him, leaving my brother and me at various friends' houses to sleep. I started to feel alone in the world. I felt like I had no family and I hated my life. It got so bad that I became suicidal. I can remember sitting in the dark, night after night, praying to God to take my life. I didn't care about anything. I quit dance classes that I had been taking since the age of four, and also quit trying in school. My life consisted of constant sleeping. I would...